Celebrating 105 years in Business Celebrating 105 years in Business
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Celebrating 105 years in Business

Celebrating 105 years in Business, Arthur Murray Dance Studio Brighton is dancing and celebrating. Talk about LEGACY! We are proud and honoured to not only be a part of history, but still teaching the WORLD to dance as we do it with over 260 studios worldwide.

Arthur Murray began what has become the world’s most famous and largest dance organisation

in 1912 in New York. Since then, Arthur Murray has attracted many champions and industry professionals to their family to ensure an ever evolving standard of excellence. We are among the oldest franchises in the world. The franchise first hit Australian shores in the 60’s, before the first McDonalds opened in Sydney. In the 1950’s, Arthur Murray with his wife, Kathryn had a hit TV show called The Arthur Murray Party. Many famous stars appeared on these shows.

It is hard to estimate how many students have attended over the past 105 years or, are still attending Arthur Murray Studios throughout the world. We would estimate millions. We are proud to be part of such a great celebration with a company that is like a big worldwide family. We share our love of dance with many thousands of students and instructors around the world. We have many opportunities to meet with them both here and overseas and express our love of dance in the many national and international events that we participate in.

Arthur Murray has been responsible for many great movie moments such as “Dirty Dancing” “Saturday Night Fever” and “Scent of a Woman” but it has been estimated to be well into the millions. Many people know us through these or through one of their family and friends who has shared the joy of dancing in one of our studios. Arthur Murray Studios and Dance Centres.

At Arthur Murray Studio, Brighton, we have been pleased and excited to help many couples prepare for that most important dance – their wedding dance.  Many other people come to us to learn the skill of dance for that special cruise holiday, another special occasion, for a work event or to have the skill of dance when one is entertaining overseas and local clients. At the Brighton Studio, we are committed to the Spirit of Excellence, which is the hallmark of the entire Arthur Murray system. Pop into our studio to experience the joy of dancing and the feeling of belonging to a fantastic world-wide family.

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Dances We Teach

When joining our Arthur Murray family, students are introduced to our Medalist Standards. Our curriculum is designed to teach you in logical order, from easiest to more difficult, with each level consisting of the building blocks for the level above. We even provide progress checks to make sure you can see your measurable improvement. Our interrelated system of teaching ensures that you will learn what you want to learn quickly and efficiently.

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