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Fox Trot

The Foxtrot is a versatile dance that can be enjoyed at various tempos, ranging from slow and bluesy to the lively beats of Frank Sinatra and the Brian Setzer Orchestra. It is a popular choice for weddings, big band events, and gala balls, as it teaches dancers how to move smoothly and maintain rhythmical timing. By mastering the art of combining steps seamlessly, dancers develop a wide range of movements and enhance their manoeuvrability. The elegant posture of the Foxtrot not only adds to its visual appeal but also benefits dancers in other dance styles. Being able to dance confidently to slow, medium, and fast tempos ensures a pleasurable and relaxing experience for both you and your partner.

 History of the Foxtrot
In the year 1913, Harry Fox, a talented vaudeville comedian, captivated audiences with a delightful trot performed to a lively ragtime song during the Ziegfeld Follies. This remarkable dance not only overshadowed other trots but also emerged as the beloved dance of America, continuing to be cherished as the epitome of social dances.

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When joining our Arthur Murray family, students are introduced to our Medalist Standards. Our curriculum is designed to teach you in logical order, from easiest to more difficult, with each level consisting of the building blocks for the level above. We even provide progress checks to make sure you can see your measurable improvement. Our interrelated system of teaching ensures that you will learn what you want to learn quickly and efficiently.

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