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Argentine Tango Dance Lessons in Melbourne

The dance that found its way into Argentina where it was re-created by the Gauchos in Buenos Aires. An attempt on their part to imitate the dance, they managed to turn it into the widely known used today. Therefore the Argentinian Tango caused a sensation and was soon to be seen the world over in a more subdued version. We here at Arthur Murray for instance can show you the way through our tango lessons. In addition, helping you achieve the unique and graceful style of dance is our team of experts. They are professionally trained in many dance styles, including ballroom, salsa, swing, wedding dances and of course, the tango. To achieve the distinctive style of the Tango it is important to develop strong footwork, along with fluid graceful movements. The unique rhythm of the music is great training for timing which develops as the dancer becomes more capable.

Tango: A History

The Tango began in the West Indies and found its way to Argentina where it was stylized by the Gauchos. It became the rage in the 1921 after the silent screen star Rudolph Valentino brought this romantic dance to millions. In the movie “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”. More recently, it has been danced in movies such as True Lies and Scent of a Woman. Today, the Tango is considered the “dancer’s dance” and becomes a favourite to all who learn it. Ranging from traditional to modern styles. Most importantly, it does not compromise on its need to have flare, attitude and playfulness between the two partners. Very much a collaborative style of dance. Meanwhile learning things like trust, improvisation, harmony, sensitivity and team work – all vital parts of this style of dance.

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To learn more about our Argentine tango lessons, or any other dance classes available, get in touch today. After that, our aim is to teach you to dance in a relaxed environment, meet friends and have fun! Please call our lovely team of professionals on 9530 6000 or send us a message through our email on Above all to find out more about our classes, or our offer of a free dance lesson. You can also contact us through our enquiry section of our page.

Dances We Teach

When joining our Arthur Murray family, students are introduced to our Medalist Standards. Our curriculum is designed to teach you in logical order, from easiest to more difficult, with each level consisting of the building blocks for the level above. We even provide progress checks to make sure you can see your measurable improvement. Our interrelated system of teaching ensures that you will learn what you want to learn quickly and efficiently.

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