Shake the winter blues, Walk In, Dance Out! Shake the winter blues, Walk In, Dance Out!
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Shake the winter blues, Walk In, Dance Out!

With the onset of the Melbourne winter it is easy to say, I’m just going to go home and curl up on the couch. But what are you missing?

Come dancing and feel all the benefits that Ballroom and Latin American dancing can provide – get moving and lose the winter blues. Moving around the floor will warm you up. Ask anyone who dances; diverting to the dance studio before going home in winter, warms you up and lifts your spirits.

Dancing gets your endorphins going. It acts like a happy pill. The winter chills get us all down, we shut ourselves in to avoid the cold and get cabin fever as well. Dancing to the hot Latin American rhythms or a strong Tango will chase away the blues. Whether it be ballroom or Latin American, you can shed the calories that accumulate over winter, whilst having great fun in the company of other people

Join like minded people in a pursuit that gives you exercise, improves your spirits and in the end gives you a life skill. Once you know how, you will never again say no to an invitation to dance, you will be that person who is first on the floor for every dance and you will develop your social skills. Dancing gives you confidence. It helps you to tap into that part of you that is busting to express yourself.  204

Dancing is a perfect social activity. In the course of my dancing, I have had the pleasure of meeting thousands of people from all walks of life who share a common love of dance. Dancing gives you more confidence to meet new people, converse with them and establish an ease in close proximity to another person.

The first step is always the hardest. Take a big deep breath and step through the door to an environment that is warm and vibrant, where fun is immediately obvious. The studio, its staff and students will greet you with open arms – another one find their way to a place where the cold, the worries of the world and the irritation of traffic drops away to allow you to discover the warmth and joy of partnership movement.

At Arthur Murray Studio Hampton, we help people of all ages and backgrounds; with or without previous dance experience; with or without a partner; with plenty of time on their hands or with limited time; with dreams of being a competitive dancer or happy to be a social dancer to achieve their dream within their available time and get over the Winter doldrums at the same time.

Give it a go today – Walk In, Dance Out!

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